Baja California’s Hurricane and Sewer Forecast Gain Momentum

America’s Finest City is currently experiencing a beach hazard advisory due to a high degree of winds and surf conditions. A hurricane named Eugene has taken landfall, making it necessary for swimmers to use extreme caution as the undertow is strong and the surf is high. Hurricane Eugene generated wave energy that landed on San Diego County with greater strength than anticipated. The surf will produce dangerous rip currents along the entire coastline. The hurricane unleashed in nearby Baja California, bringing the inclement weather surging over to San Diego. Incidentally, Baja is also in the midst of a sewer rehabilitation

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San Diego Protects Sewer Systems and Conserves the Environment with Trees

San Diego is known for its great gardens, parks and even hot-air ballooning in majestic skies. But there’s more. Communities all throughout the city are decidedly protecting the environment, at large, by using trees for the benefit of infrastructure systems and conservation. Recently, the nearby city of Carlsbad approved a project to use the resources an assortment of native plants, including western sycamore, western cottonwood, coast live oak, California blackberry, and more. The city will spend approximately $600,000 for these improvements for the environment. The project is part of the city’s Habitat Management Plan, which is designed to preserve and

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Full Steam Ahead! Check Out Perma-Liner Industries 2016 Events Line Up!!

Undoubtedly, you are still enjoying the many highlights that this time of year brings, but as the glory days of summer begin to wane, no worries! We’ve got some exciting events scheduled for you and they’re coming up right around the corner. Mark your calendars for these informative trade shows that you won’t want to miss! First up, Perma-Liner Industries is pleased to announce we’ll be in Milwaukee on September 12-13th for the WEQ Fair. This is the place to be to gain a world of knowledge about the trenchless pipelining Industry and the equipment Perma-Liner Industries manufactures. You can

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Carlsbad’s Strategy to Sustain Water Supply

The City of Carlsbad is revising and extending their resources for the purpose of infrastructure improvements, and meeting the rising demands of the Water Utility. The persistent drought has caused the city to strive for inventive ways for the limited water supply go further to accommodate needs. Recycled water from the plant will replace potable water, now used to irrigate a nearby golf course and other areas. It can also be transmitted into a new storage reservoir, currently in construction. The use of recycled H2O is conducive to lowering costs and safeguarding the interests of the community. The Carlsbad recycling plant

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San Diego’s State-of-the-Art Desalination Plant

The City of San Diego is now home to the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced seawater desalination Plant. The treatment center has already produced more than 1.5 billion gallons of locally controlled water for San Diego County, helping to minimize the region’s susceptibility to the statewide drought. The Carlsbad Desalination Plant is the result of a 30-year Water Purchase Agreement between the plant’s developer and owner, Poseidon Water (a private company that partners with public agencies to deliver water infrastructure projects), and the San Diego County Water Authority for the production of up to 56,000 acre-feet of water per

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