San Diego Safeguards Water with Smart Planting

San Diego is one of the many cities across California that is well-suited for the use of landscaping as a means of conservation.  Many local residents are intent on taking part in a workshop the city is now offering. The program is designed to assist homeowners with smart planting tactics, specific to the ongoing climate advisories.  The workshop is free of charge and will provide homeowners with the basic ‘how-to’ for water saving landscape reassembling. Information will be provided on soil, design, turf removal, plant selection, planning, irrigation, implementation and more. These are all the elements needed for a water-efficient

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California Cities Setup Cultivated Use of Water

Many cities throughout California are conscientious of recycling and have been for the long term. But recycling water has now become a magnified topic as the drought persists. Recently researchers at UCLA have addressed the topic of recycled water being collected from sewer systems and then purified. At first glance, it may sound appealing. However it is a resourceful-even novel- idea as this form of water can be used to irrigate places like parks, lawns and golf courses. The subsequent health benefits of this process are not only being observed but commended. A study has analyzed the varying methods that

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San Diego Successful Strategy for Sewer Conditioning

San Diego is part of a semi-arid coastal desert environment that averages only 9.3 inches of rainfall annually. Less than one-fourth of San Diego’s water is of local origin, collected as runoff in the City’s nine reservoirs. The City is participating in a Water Conservation Program that consists of a diverse strategy aimed at reducing San Diego’s dependency and demand on imported water.  Profitable, cost- effective measures have been achieved by creating a water conservation plan that includes using water saving techniques in everyday life, adopting beneficial programs, and applying policies and ordinances designed to promote water conservation practices. Another

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