San Diego’s Safe, Sound and Sustainable Recycled Water

In San Diego, recycled water has become a resourceful and useful means of local water supply. The recycled water is used to irrigate fairgrounds, golf courses, parks, as well as school properties. Recently, the Reclamation system was upgraded to include an additional reservoir, as well as more distribution pipelines. The advanced water treatment system has greatly improved the city’s recycled water quality. Additionally, the recycled water salinity levels have been significantly reduced, which is a major benefit for homeowners using the water for irrigation. The arid San Diego area relies heavily on water imported from the Colorado River and Northern

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San Diego Protects Sewer Systems and Conserves the Environment with Trees

San Diego is known for its great gardens, parks and even hot-air ballooning in majestic skies. But there’s more. Communities all throughout the city are decidedly protecting the environment, at large, by using trees for the benefit of infrastructure systems and conservation. Recently, the nearby city of Carlsbad approved a project to use the resources an assortment of native plants, including western sycamore, western cottonwood, coast live oak, California blackberry, and more. The city will spend approximately $600,000 for these improvements for the environment. The project is part of the city’s Habitat Management Plan, which is designed to preserve and

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