2-Mile Sewer Line Project for Carlsbad and Vista

Carlsbad and Vista have teamed up to launch a two-year, $64.2 million sewer project that includes the replacement of a key pump station and a 2-mile main pipeline to the Encinitas treatment plant.  The pump station will be expanded to carry up to 33 million gallons of raw sewage on a daily basis. The station pushes the effluent uphill through a pressurized line (or force main) where gravity carries it the rest of the way to the treatment plant. About two-thirds of the effluent is from Vista, and the city has agreed to pay about two-thirds of the project’s cost.

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San Mateo’s Cost Sharing Program for Sewer Laterals

San Mateo has developed an alternative plan for rehabilitating sewer laterals due to excessive sanitary sewer overflows. This is caused by inflow and infiltration from leaky sewer laterals. The City has implemented a cost sharing program designed to assist the homeowner in the event of a sewer mishap.  Grants of 50% of the sewer lateral repair, with a cap of $3,000 are available to owner occupied, single family residences with household incomes below $82,000.  For homeowners that are not eligible for grants, low interest loans, up to $6,000 are available to owner-occupied, single family residences, regardless of income.  The private

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Sonora’s Lateral Line Leak

The City of Sonora and its aging water line has sustained a significant overflow from a fire hydrant lateral with an approximate 90,000 gallons of water flowing from an 80 year old copper pipeline.  The City Of Sonora has now implemented plans to rehabilitate the existing water main.  Nearby residents have expressed concern over similar leaks in the past. The City is prioritizing the effect of recent overflows and the impact it has had on the community at large. Fun Facts: San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eight largest city in USA, with approximately 2.9

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Rainy Season and Sewer Drainage Systems

Many of us are experiencing a rainy season now that summer is in full swing.  Along with the sunny delights and fanfare this time of year brings, there is also a need to think about the proper functioning of our drainage systems where we live.  It is important to know to what extent a drainage issue is prevalent.  In order to do this, a qualified fully licensed professional is needed for drain pipe cleaning. This will also maximize your awareness of the health of the pipelines in your home.  Here are a few suggestions when seeking the help of an

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Sewer and Water 101

Summer is indeed here in all its glory.  We know that means rainfall is here, too.  In fact, in many parts of the Country we have had record setting storms.  Precipitation can heavily contribute to an overloaded sewer system.  As a nation, we have over 700 communities that utilize combined sewer systems.  There are some Cities that have separate sewer systems but this is no small financial investment.  Even so, municipalities have the burden of making sure these systems are functioning. It can pose a health risk and even more financial strain if they are not. There are small contributions

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