San Diego’s Winter Water Usage Advisory

In the City of San Diego, everyone has a San Diego water bill that includes a flat sewer rate. The rate is based on the water used during the previous winter. Instead of charging each customer a flat dollar amount, the city attaches an amount based on your usage, which covers the cost of running the sewer system. The City has implemented a winter monitoring period to calculate sewer charges on your bill from December through March. Once the monitoring period is over, a flat rate for your sewer bill is calculated and included in your monthly bill for the

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Graywater Use and Surveys in San Diego

Leaks and over-irrigation can cause significant waste. The City offers water conservation services to help customers achieve savings. Free-of-charge water surveys are available to City of San Diego’s water customers. As part of this program, a water conservation representative will tour a property to identify leaks and water-saving opportunities.  Participants can receive water-saving equipment and information, including low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and other free items. The representative will also evaluate landscapes and irrigation systems. Since this program emphasizes customer education, it is important the resident be present at the time of the survey. Surveys include: Residential Interior and Exterior Surveys,

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