California Cities Setup Cultivated Use of Water

Many cities throughout California are conscientious of recycling and have been for the long term. But recycling water has now become a magnified topic as the drought persists. Recently researchers at UCLA have addressed the topic of recycled water being collected from sewer systems and then purified. At first glance, it may sound appealing. However it is a resourceful-even novel- idea as this form of water can be used to irrigate places like parks, lawns and golf courses. The subsequent health benefits of this process are not only being observed but commended. A study has analyzed the varying methods that

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History of Drought and Flooding: San Francisco, San Diego

From San Francisco all the way down to San Diego and throughout the state, storms are getting weaker in terms of how much precipitation there is per day (in each storm). However, the storms are getting longer. Storms last an extra day or a few days longer. All over the state people are also having trouble with their groundwater. Every time the temperature goes up 1 degree, the potential evaporation increases by 4 percent. Scientists have analyzed the drought and estimated approximately 20 percent of the drought was caused, not by lack of rain, but by the temperature which caused

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